Entries by Nettie Mueller

Beet Mint Smoothie

Do you have any beets laying around the kitchen that need some love?! You are in good hands here!! Nettie of nourishing.roots has this vibrant Beet Mint Smoothie that has all kinds of colors, aromas, and nourishment here. You’ve got the nitric oxide blood flow boosting properties of beets. The healthy fats and high magnesium and […]

Chili-Out Chaga Chocolate Bark

The versatility and creative capacity of making homemade chocolate bark is pretty much endless if you ask me. Nettie of Nourishing Roots has done it again with this creative way to incorporate medicinal mushrooms in this spiced up version of the classic chocolate bark. Not only is it utilizing functional medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga. […]

Golden Mylk Tonic

It seems golden mylk is all the buzz these days and for good reason! It’s loaded with this well researched spice called “Turmeric.” What makes this not your typical golden mylk is this wonderful blend of turmeric, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, coconut oil and lions mane mushroom. The perfect blend if you ask us! […]

Grounding Sweet Potato Smoothie

This nourishing and hearty smoothie is sure to satisfy you after a long day at work or following a hard charging workout. Loaded with healthy, starchy carbs and healthy bacteria supplied from the plant-based yogurt to keep the gut in check. Then round it out with Lions Mane mushroom to support cognitive function and 5 […]