Content Marketing Assistant


Real Mushrooms was created to emphasize the fact that our products are solely made from mushrooms. We aim to provide the highest quality medicinal mushroom extract products analyzed for the important compounds that make mushrooms special and free from grain fillers.

Content Marketing Assistant Job Summary:

Our growing mushroom extract business is looking for an intellectually skilled problem solver to join our team as a Content Marketing Assistant. We need an enthusiastic and compassionate individual who can keep our content production system running smoothly, on time, and consistently producing high quality content. The top candidate for this role will have a strong foundation in marketing and related subjects, and passionate about creating a world class content system at Real Mushrooms.


This work will be performed remotely, however candidates should live within 3 hours of the Pacific Time Zone.


This position is part-time to start (approximately 10 hours per week) with the possibility of increased hours depending on project needs.

Job Responsibilities

  • Project managing the content team’s efforts
  • Overseeing a content article from start to finish
  • Interfacing with the videographer
  • Interfacing with our design team
  • Running the Asana workboard project
  • Setting up Asana content tasks and directions
  • Managing all content workflow in Google Drive
  • Uploading content to Youtube
  • Creating thumbnails for Youtube
  • Adding drafts to WordPress
  • Formatting WordPress posts and publishing
  • Interfacing and PMing with writers
  • Creating new graphics and images from company created templates
    • YouTube covers
    • WordPress article featured images
    • WordPress article Social Share image
    • Infographics from articles for pinterest
    • Micro-content creation from articles
  • Interfacing with graphic design company for more complex graphic production

Job Requirement Skills

  • 1 to 2 years of online marketing specific experience
  • Solid understanding of SEO and latest tools
  • Minimum 2 years of project management experience
  • Fluent in Google drive (and loves proxima nova), Canva, WordPress, Asana, Slack, Zoom, and graphic design software
  • Meticulous attention to detail and highly organized
  • Able to keep track of and manage multiple projects and players
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Flexible and willing to work on nights and weekends if need be
  • Willing to take responsibility and keep people accountable

Core Values Requirements

  • Understands technology
  • Proactive
  • Honest
  • Delivers results
  • Efficient

BONUS: You have knowledge or experience with medicinal mushrooms extracts!

To apply for this job, email jobs [at] realmushrooms [dot] com with your CV, your desired hourly rate in USD, and include the word Chaga in the subject line.

Skye Chilton

Skye Chilton

Skye is the founder of Real Mushrooms. Read more about his story into medicinal mushrooms here. When he’s not spreading the word of Real Mushrooms, he enjoys mushroom foraging, bouldering, cooking, gardening and hiking.