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Reishi Yogurt Tonic

Yogurt is loaded with beneficial bacteria to support digestive health and optimize immune function. Well, what if we could up the nourishment factor even more with some potent herbs and adaptogens. This leads us into our newest recipe addition utilizing our Reishi 415 extract. Keep in mind that this recipe uses reishi, but feel free […]

The Everything Smoothie

What makes this smoothie so nutrient dense is that it literally has everything you could imagine in a smoothie from a superfood and nutrition standpoint. Plus, this smoothie could act as a small meal replacement if you so desire since it is chock full of healthy fats, medicinal mushrooms and spirulina. Ingredients ¼-⅓ cup can […]

Snicker Doodle Ice Cream Shake

Snicker Doodle Ice Cream Shake

You really can have your ice cream shake and eat it too with this delicious and decadent shake. Definitely give this a yumminess a try! Serves 2. Paleo Recipe with Vegan and Ketogenic Diet Options. Ingredients 1 Can BPA Free Organic Full Fat Coconut Milk 1 Pastured Egg + 1 Egg Yolk (If vegan, replace with […]

Chaga Cacao Mocha Smoothie Bowl

Chaga Cacao Mocha Lava Smoothie bowl

This is one of those smoothie bowls that tastes like bliss. It’s a favorite of mine post workout or when I’m wanting something chocolate and rich like, but without the added dairy and refined sugars. The ingredients I chose are high quality and really bring all the flavors and textures together. It tastes like a […]