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"Mushrooms provide an impressive amount of essential nutrients along with unique phytochemicals (like triterpenoids) and types of fiber (like beta-glucans) that benefit probiotic bacteria in our guts and that we just can’t get from any other food. I make sure to eat a variety of mushrooms daily! And I have fallen in love with Real Mushrooms, who make it easy thanks to their top-quality extracts made from wild-harvested, organic and sustainably-sourced mushrooms, and always free of starch, grain and fillers."
Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach and Paleo Principles
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With No Mushrooms…

Many mushroom products in the marketplace today contain no mushrooms at all. They are made from what is called myceliated grain. Mycelium is the mushroom’s root system. This mycelium is grown on a grain medium like rice, oats or sorghum.

Once the mycelium has fully grown out on the grain, this myceliated grain log is harvested, dried, powdered and sold as a “mushroom” supplement when it contains no mushrooms at all. Not only that, independent testing has shown that the majority of the product is the grain itself. So not only is there no mushrooms, there’s very little mycelium.

This translates into very little of the active compounds like beta-glucans, which much of the benefits of mushrooms are based around.

We’ve got a better option for you.

myceliated grain

Mycelium growing on grain.

Real Mushrooms Is

real mushrooms 40 years of growing

40+ Years Experience

We know the optimal ways to produce mushroom extracts to get you the benefits you deserve.

real mushrooms reishi mushroom fruiting body

Purely Organic Mushrooms

Everything starts with certified organic mushrooms cultivated sustainably as nature intended.

real mushrooms 40 years of growing

Science Based

3rd party verified for beta-glucans, the most researched beneficial compound in mushrooms. This ensures potency and effectiveness.

real mushrooms zero grain fillers

Zero Grain Fillers

Unlike myceliated grain alternatives, our products contain absolutely no grains or starch fillers. Zero.

real mushrooms organic mushroom extract powders and capsules

Quality Guaranteed

Every batch of mushrooms goes through rigorous quality control tests to ensure purity, safety and effectiveness.

real mushrooms practitioner approved

Practitioner Approved

Over 967 practitioners recommend and prescribe Real Mushrooms to their clients.

real mushrooms reishi with coffee
Very few companies will list beta-glucans on the label

We Show Every Ingredient Used In Our Unique Formula

Unlike most companies, we actually list active compounds and ingredient in our mushroom extracts. Nothing to hide here.

Trusted by Thousands of Practitioners

Over 1198 health practitioners and counting are prescribing Real Mushrooms to their patients.
They know and trust the level of quality Real Mushrooms provides to be effective and safe for their clients. Join today and save 40% off retail price.

“Myself and my talented team of ingredient experts research food and supplements based on ingredients, sourcing, honesty and integrity. We’ve researched nearly every mushroom brand on the market and Real Mushrooms stands out to us as THE LEADER. In an industry plagued by fillers, and dishonesty, it’s important that we feel confident in recommending products that actually work. With Real Mushrooms you know exactly what you’re getting. NO GRAINS JUST MUSHROOMS!

Mark Ritz, Ritzfit.com – Shop Beneath the Label

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  • 100% mushroom (fruiting body) extracts
  • Certified organic
  • Verified levels of beta-glucans
  • No added starch, mycelium or grains
  • 3rd party tested for quality and safety
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