Cacao Coconut Mushroom Tonic

Cacao Coconut Tonic Recipe with Medicinal Mushrooms

We are on a tonic kick lately with drinks. Can you tell!?! This is another dandy of a recipe that uses our 5 Defenders mushroom blend. It compliments nicely with the other unique ingredients like coconut butter, cacao powder, and raw honey. The final results is this soothing and calming tonic drink that is sure to excite your senses and calm you down. This tonic could also serve as a nice hot cocoa alternative as well. Serve up, however, suits your fancy!!! ENJOY!!!

-500mL water, off boil for 2-3 minutes added to:

-1 pinch of celtic sea salt

-1 (slightly heaping) tbsp. of raw, organic, heirloom cacao

-1 tsp. coconut butter

-1 tsp. of 5 Defenders Mushroom Complex

– + raw honey to taste

Blend, top with black sesame seeds, and get satiated!



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