Real Mushrooms is committed to transparency, quality, and the utmost care in providing our customers with accurate knowledge. Our Science & Medical team ensures our products and the information about them meet the highest standards.

Dr. Mason Bresett, ND

Mason Bresett, ND

Mason is Real Mushrooms’ naturopathic medical advisor and is a Naturopathic Doctor. He has a general family naturopathic practice in Sarnia, Ontario –The Health Creation Lab. He uses medicinal mushrooms, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and mind-body medicine in his clinic to support his patients. He continues to provide up-to-date research and education for Real Mushrooms Practitioners – a group of health care professionals (MD’s, ND’s, DC’s, etc) using Real Mushrooms products in their practices. He is also actively working with medical doctors and oncologists setting up research studies using medicinal mushroom extracts.

Mason’s expertise helps us deliver the most accurate and trustworthy health and wellness information from a holistic perspective. His knowledge of plant medicine runs deep and he is passionate about helping the public discover the wonders and benefits of the plant and fungi world. 

Mason’s Credentials:

  • Diploma of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Licensed naturopathic doctor in Ontario
  • Bachelors of Kinesiology (Honours), Lakehead University
  • Integrative Body Psychotherapy (In Progress; IBP is an integrative counseling approach using somatic therapy, breathwork, and mind-body medicine).
  • Compassionate Inquiry (Dr. Gabor Mate)
  • Smart Body, Smart Mind (Irene Lyon)
  • Trauma-Informed Practitioner
  • Internships in sports medicine, chronic illness, immune disorders, HIV, and mental health-focused care.
  • Former practitioner educator for St. Francis Herb Farm

Dr. Robert Silver, DVM

Dr. Robert Silver DVM

Dr. Robert Silver graduated in 1982 from Colorado State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He established one of the first integrative vet clinics in the USA in Boulder, CO in 1993.

Since then, Dr. Silver has become a nationally recognized expert in veterinary herbal and nutraceutical medicines, medicinal mushrooms, veterinary CBD and cannabis therapeutics. He has adjunct faculty positions at Lincoln Memorial University, College of Veterinary Medicine, and Chi University, a College of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Silver has published a peer-reviewed paper on the Endocannabinoid System of Animals, and three chapters in the textbook: Cannabis Therapy in Veterinary Medicine. He co-authored the chapter Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: Cannabinoid Therapies for Animals in the Springer Nature publication, Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine. His first book, Medical Marijuana and Your Pet was published in 2014. His soon to be published book for pet parents and citizen scientists: CBD and Cannabis Pet Health Guide will be out winter 2021.

Dr. Silver shares a blogsite with two other veterinarians, and owns The Well-Pet Dispensary,

Dr. Silver brings to the Real Mushrooms Science Team 40 years of practical clinical experience treating small and large animals with diet, acupuncture, nutraceuticals, botanicals and medicinal mushrooms.

Jeff Chilton

Jeff Chilton

Jeff is the founder, president and CEO of Nammex as well as being Real Mushrooms’ founder, Skye Chilton’s, father. Jeff has been actively involved in studying, growing and researching mushrooms since 1973. In 1989, he founded Nammex, the leading supplier of functional organic mushroom ingredients to the Supplement, Nutraceutical and Food and Beverage industry. Throughout his career, Jeff has continually focused on quality. His published research on the medicinal compounds in mushrooms and his focus on developing testing methods to identify and measure these compounds has helped bring greater knowledge and integrity to the functional mushroom product category. His expertise in mushroom science, cultivation, and quality control helps Real Mushrooms deliver not only the highest quality products but the most reliable information about the medicinal constituents in mushrooms. 

Jeff’s Credentials:

Jeff’s Writing & Publications