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Herbalist - Don Ollsin

Don Ollsin Master Herbalist
Written by Don Ollsin - Updated: December 1, 2023

Who is Don Ollsin?

For the past five decades, I've been helping people cultivate a deeper relationship to the plant world. I've been interested in plants, herbs, and fungi for as long as I can remember. I offer excellent educare (bringing out that which is within) that heals while it informs. I offer books, courses, and programs that guide you through sustained development in your journey of self-healing, community healing, and earth healing. Your healing begins on the first day of the study. Learning not only the healing uses of plants but seeing them as teachers/other living beings you can get to know. I also mentor herbal students who want to become professional herbalists.

What conditions do you address the most with Real Mushrooms?

Inflammation and Infection. I work from a systems point of few and treat the person and the body as a whole. That is why I particularly love your Reishi. Almost every client we see is put on it.

What do you find are the primary causes of these conditions?

Stress. Poor sleep. Too much time on the computer. Not enough exercise. Poor diet. Relationship conflicts. Lack of time nourishing their spirit. Loneliness. Climate change. The 1 %.

How do you typically use Real Mushrooms with your patients?

I prefer powdered extracts.

What is your recommended dosage for your patients?

1/2 tsp 1 to 3 x a day depending on their dosha and condition.

How do you personally use mushrooms? 

Powder. Eat it with other herbs like nettles, kelp, and ginger.

Where can we learn more about you?

Ollsin Herbalism

Don Ollsin
Grassroots Herbalism is an online community of herbal students, founded by Don Ollsin, Master herbalist and educator since 1972. We offer online webinars for our community and online herbal courses for anyone interested in learning about herbs. Our twelve week Online Herbal Course is an introduction to all of the healing modalities studied and taught by Don for almost five decades. We also offer graduates of this course entrance into our Mentorship Collective and Free Herbal Clinic. We believe in affordable, high quality education, and we believe the world needs more grassroots herbalists.

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