Spiced Mushroom Cold Brew Coffee

When you combine cold brew coffee and medicinal mushrooms. Some magical things can happen. I would like to mention that this recipe goes best with the coffee brands mentioned below. Obviously, you are welcome to try any good quality organic coffee here! But this is most optimized using these coffee blends! Just food for thought! Without further ado, let the cold brew coffee amazingness begin!


– 1 cup cold brew coffee like deathwish or kimera koffee

– ½ cup coconut cream, almond milk or grass-fed dairy whole milk

– 1 tsp ceylon cinnamon

– ¼ tsp ginger

– ⅛ tsp cayenne pepper

– 1 Tbsp almond or cashew butter

– 1 tsp of Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane

– 1 tsp of Real Mushrooms Chaga

– 1 tsp of Real Mushrooms Cordyceps-M

– 1 scoop of vegan or grass-fed whey protein powder

– 1 to 3 drops of vanilla stevia

– handful of cashews and coconut shreds

Add everything to a blender and blend till desired consistency!