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Terry Willard on Reishi as the “King” of Functional Mushrooms

Reishi king of mushrooms
Written by Real Mushrooms - Updated: June 17, 2024

Real Mushrooms' resident naturopathic doctor, Mason Bresett, ND is joined by Clinical Herbalist and Educator, Terry Willard, to talk all things Reishi! Scroll down for the full video and the top 7 highlights. 

With over 40 years of clinical experience, Terry Willard is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists. He is full of incredible insights into the world of functional mushrooms, especially Reishi. Dr. Willard is the author of twelve books on the subject of herbs and botanical medicine. His writings cover specific botanicals, such as his treatise Reishi Mushroom: Herb of Spiritual Potency and Medical Wonder, and also include comprehensive tomes, such as The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Clinical Uses: A Complete Guide.

Mason heads up Real Mushrooms' practitioner program and will be interviewing a variety of experts on Mason's Medicinals, our newest YouTube playlist.

Mason and Terry discuss how Terry's interest in psilocybin spawned his interest in all things mushrooms. Dr. Willard shares his knowledge regarding the various properties of Reishi, how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, dosage recommendations (including how Terry personally consumes Reishi), and amusing anecdotes from his clinical practice.

Watch the whole video, or select from the highlights below to learn how Terry and Mason use functional mushrooms in their practices and what makes Reishi in particular so special.

Getting to Know Reishi

These powerful fungi boast a host of properties that studies have shown as therapeutic. They can be used to support optimal functioning of the immune system, assist with sleep after a long day of work, and promote a sense of calm and balance. Read more about reishi and its interesting history on our blog.

Reishi has a slightly earthy and subtly sweet aroma, reminiscent of cocoa. You’ll know you have authentic reishi powder by its naturally bitter taste. If it’s too bitter for your liking, a touch of milk (or mylk) and your local honey creates a latte to live for! Adding it to your morning coffee or evening hot chocolate are other popular preparations. It's also a fun addition to baked goods such as these Reishi Bounty Bars.

Watch the Full Talk:


Top 7 Highlights

No time to watch the full video? Scroll down to check out the top highlights from the conversation.


The "Entourage Effect" of Adaptogenic Reishi

Reishi, the Wizard of Medicinal Mushrooms

The Endocannabinoid System and Medicinal Mushrooms

Reishi for Systemic Calming & Sleep

Reishi Mushroom Extract Versus Mycelium Extract

Enhancing the Body’s “Vital Force” with Medicinal Mushrooms

Using Reishi Mushroom Medicinally: Dosage & Format


Reishi Safety

As with all supplements, you should discuss their use with your healthcare provider before starting any new protocol to determine if there is a risk of any side effects or interactions with other medications you’re taking.

In general, Reishi is a very safe functional mushroom with few side effects or risks. However, if you are taking anticoagulants, antiplatelet drugs, or high blood pressure medication — or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding — be sure to talk to your doctor before supplementing with Reishi.

Visit our website to learn more about our authentic Reishi mushroom extract that is 100% organic and free of any grain, starches, or fillers. Experiment with the adaptogenic power of Reishi by taking it in either powder and capsule form.

For more information on Terry Willard, check out his website.

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