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How to I.D. the Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement

How to I.D. the Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement cover
Written by Real Mushrooms - Updated: June 14, 2024

Shockingly, the reishi mushroom supplement market is filled with fake products. Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about products that are labelled as reishi but contain completely different (and cheaper) mushrooms.

The market is also filled with products that don’t contain reishi mushroom but rather the “root system” called mycelium. This results in supplements with lower potency. Additionally, these mycelium-based supplements often end up containing undesirable starch filler.

Our Real Mushrooms 100% certified organic reishi mushroom supplement will provide you with the maximum potential health benefits. Below, you’ll find out how we’ve done that. You’ll also learn what to look for when shopping for the best reishi mushroom supplement for your money.

In this article:

  1. Reishi Mushroom vs. Mycelium
  2. 74% of Reishi Products are Not Authentic
  3. Reishi Extraction - Reaping All the Mushroom Benefits
  4. The Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement for Real Results
  5. Testimonials About the Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement Available
  6. Learn More About Reishi Mushroom
Reishi mushroom versus mycelium
Many mushroom supplements sold in North America contain only the reishi mycelium and not the mushroom (the fruiting body) itself. This has a great impact on the potency and effectiveness of the product.

Reishi Mushroom vs. Mycelium

Real Mushrooms was founded in part due to a significant problem we discovered in the medicinal mushroom supplement industry. The market is dominated by products that make you think they contain mushrooms, but actually contain little to none at all.

Most of these supplements are made using the root system of the mushroom, which is called the mycelium. This network of roots contains very little of the active compounds when compared to the mushroom (fruiting body). However, mycelium is inexpensive to grow for the production of supplements.

The fruiting body is what you would typically think of when you hear the word “mushroom.” It’s what you see growing above the ground. We provide a detailed breakdown of the key differences between the mushroom (fruiting body) and the mycelium (vegetative body) in our article Medicinal Mushroom Benefits: Mycelium vs Fruiting Body.

Also, large commercial growers typically grow the mycelium in a grain-based substrate (the medium the mycelium grows on). When harvesting the mycelium, the grain is not separated from the mushroom and goes straight into the final product. This grain is just filler and provides no health benefits. Between the grain-based filler and the lack of mushrooms, many supplements contain very few reishis beneficial compounds.

At Real Mushrooms, we strive to create the highest-quality supplements that contain only the mushroom and zero mycelium or grain fillers. That way, people using our products will truly experience the reishi mushroom benefits they hope for.

Giant reishi mushroom
When it comes to medicinal mushrooms, size doesn’t matter, but purity does. Many reishi supplements contain only reishi mycelium and grain, rather than the mushroom itself, and some don’t contain reishi at all.

Supplements Should Contain Whole Organic Reishi Mushrooms

Ideally, the reishi supplement you are considering buying should be made of the mushroom instead of the mycelium. However, ensuring you get the best reishi mushroom supplement also means knowing the origin and purity of the mushroom itself. If the product label indicates that it uses USDA Organic Certified mushrooms, then you can rest easy that you’re getting a product free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or other potential contaminants.

In the video below, Real Mushrooms’ founder and Chief Funguy, Skye Chilton, shows and tells about our organic reishi farm at peak picking time.

The brand of reishi product you are considering buying should be transparent about the source of their mushrooms. Ideally, the product would be certified organic and made of whole mushrooms versus mycelium.

74% of Reishi Products are Not Authentic

A new study entitled “Evaluation on quality consistency of Ganoderma lucidum dietary supplements collected in the United States” was recently published by Nature, which releases the most prestigious scientific journals. The study was performed in partnership with the US Pharmacopeia (USP), which sets standards for pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and dietary supplement ingredients.

In the study, they tested 19 different reishi mushroom supplements sold in the United States and compared the bioactive components found in each product to those that exist in the reishi mushroom itself. The study’s results indicated that only 5 of the 19 samples (26%) actually contained what the reishi product label claimed.

USP concluded by saying “the quality consistency of Ganoderma lucidum dietary supplements in the U.S. market was poor, which should be carefully investigated”.

That is quite the statement.

Since day one, Real Mushrooms has been telling people about the difference in supplement product quality on the market and how many products aren’t made from the mushroom and contain high amounts of grain filler. This is reassuring for us as it confirms what we already know.

Third Party Confirmation of Authenticity and Potency

Ideally, you would buy a reishi supplement that has been evaluated by a third party lab for its authenticity—to confirm that the product actually contains reishi. Not only that, but the lab should also confirm the potency (based on the concentration of beta-glucans in the product), and ingredients (mushrooms and/or mycelium content).

ConsumerLab conducted its own research into reishi mushroom supplements and concluded that Real Mushrooms’ Reishi 415 product was their choice among the 7 popular reishi supplements they tested. Their recommendation was based on the purity, beta-glucan concentration, and exclusive fruiting-body content of the Real Mushrooms reishi product.

Consumer Report on Reishi Supplements
ConsumerLab’s research into reishi mushroom supplements identified Real Mushrooms Reishi Extract as the superior product among the 7 they tested.

Reishi Extraction - Reaping All the Mushroom Benefits

There are two methods of extracting the active compounds in mushrooms for supplements: hot water extraction and alcohol extraction.

Hot water extraction is done by heating the mushroom in water to extract any water-soluble compounds such as polysaccharides and beta-glucans. The liquid can either be taken directly or evaporated to leave behind a powder containing only the beneficial compounds.

Alcohol extraction follows a similar process but uses alcohol instead of water to remove any non-water-soluble compounds such as triterpenes.

Reishi Double Extraction

Which extraction method is best–hot water or alcohol—depends on the mushroom. Because reishi contains beneficial compounds that are both water-soluble and insoluble, Real Mushrooms uses double (a.k.a. dual) extraction to create our potent reishi mushroom extract.

The mushrooms are run through both processes, and the resulting liquids are combined and evaporated to make one final extract powder that provides maximum potency and health benefits.

The Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement for Real Results

Real Mushrooms offers two products derived from organic reishi mushrooms. Both of these are excellent and convenient ways to add reishi’s potent benefits to your daily routine:

Reishi 415 - Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder

Our 100% certified organic reishi extract is available in powdered form for a variety of uses. It is created with the dual extraction method for maximum benefit and is guaranteed to contain no fillers, starch, or myceliated grains. This product has been tested by third-party labs and confirmed to contain the valuable beta-glucans and triterpenes Reishi is loaded with. The powdered form has many uses in recipes and is a great way to add reishi to your diet.

Recommended dosage: Adults, take ½ to 1 gram per day.

Reishi 415 - Organic Mushroom Capsules

Our capsules provide all the benefits of our Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder, with the added convenience of being in encapsulated form. If you’re looking for the health benefits of reishi without having to think about how to add it into a recipe, this is a great option for you.

Recommended dosage: Adults, take 2 capsules per day.

We’re confident in the efficacy and safety of our products. However, you should consult with a physician before starting any new supplement routine to make sure it’s the right option for you.

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Testimonials About the Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement Available

Many of Real Mushrooms’ customers have shared how taking our reishi supplements regularly enhances their health and their life. Below are just a few of their hundreds of testimonials.

Keep reading to also learn why one of North America’s leading clinical herbalists recommends reishi as one of the best natural supplements you can rely on for comprehensive health support.

“After 4 or 5 weeks we noticed that we both felt more ambitious and alert. We have also been sleeping better, which may account for the above vitality. Our goal of a hardy immune system is getting a real boost from reishi.” - Ric

“I don't need caffeine anymore. As a health care worker it gives me a boost of energy and clarity both physically and mentally. No crashing effect. No fillers which is excellent. Just pure and real. No side effects.” - Mu

“It helps with digestive issues and helps me to sleep. Overall improves my health and energy.” - Leilani

“It really helps! I take it every day before bed.” - Ruth

“Real Mushrooms’ reishi are the real deal with no mycelium or substance it’s grown on. I will continue to take these regularly.” - Lisa

Clinical Herbalist Dr. Terry Willard states that he has recommended Reishi the most to patients in his decades-long practice because of its sheer versatility and capacity to enhance our physical, emotional, and even spiritual health.

Dr. Willard calls it “the Merlin of the herbal world” and dives into why he has given it this auspicious title in the video below:

Learn More About Reishi Mushroom

Read one of our other articles about reishi mushroom to learn about its incredibly diverse applications for health and wellness:

Real Mushrooms is the premier provider of organic mushroom extracts, verified for the beneficial medicinal compounds like beta-glucans and free from starchy fillers like grains. With over 40 years of mushroom growing experience, Real Mushrooms prides itself on providing a transparent source of functional mushrooms that you can trust. All the information provided on our blog has been reviewed by our science and medical team.

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