Herbalist - Katya Difani

Herbalist Katya Difani
Written by Katya Difani

Who is Katya Difani?

I am an herbalist trained in Western herbal medicine from Bastyr University and other herbal mentors. I have owned an herbal apothecary in Kirkland, Washington called Herban Wellness for ten years, where we consult with people about how to use herbs, mushrooms, superfoods, and other elements to support health.

What conditions do you address the most with Real Mushrooms?

I recommend mushroom extracts the most for building and strengthening the immune system. This can include those with weak immune systems that tend to get sick a lot, as well as those who have a history of cancer in their life or family. I also consider mushroom extracts beneficial for promoting and maintaining vibrant health, helping with energy and healthy sleep cycles. More recently, I and my staff have been recommending Lion’s Mane mushroom for its regenerative and restorative effects on the nervous system and the brain. I also often recommend Turkey Tail mushroom for those with a history or current diagnosis of breast cancer. Finally, I recommend Reishi mushroom for overall health and vitality, and for someone managing an underlying viral load.

Top 3 recommended mushroom extracts for healthy individuals?

I tend to like to recommend the 5 Defenders Mushroom Complex for healthy individuals, since it really covers the bases of health, from immune system to heart, liver, and brain health, as well as helping to manage inflammation in the body. I tend to like blends. I also really like Reishi mushroom extract for overall health. Thirdly, Cordyceps is a nice one for a healthy individual who may want more energy and to enhance their sexual health.

What dose you typically recommend for your patients?

If the mushroom extract is for overall health, I will recommend the individual dose according to the package instructions, ¼-1/2 tsp of extract per day. If the person is taking mushroom extracts for a current health condition or for regenerating tissue, I will recommend 1 tsp, at least once/day, sometimes up to 3 times/day.

How do you typically use our mushroom extracts with your patients/clients?

I recommend people either use the mushrooms in food (cereal, yogurt, smoothies, etc.) or get creative and add them to their coffee, make a blended herbal/mushroom latte with nut milk and add other superfoods or coconut oil, or spice to the mix and drink hot or cold. I also often encourage them to add the mushrooms to veggie or bone broth, where the mushroom flavor is naturally is tasty.

Where can we learn more about you?

You can learn more about me and my herbal apothecary and wellness shop in Kirkland, WA by visiting my website. Thanks for joining in and learning more about me!

Katya Difani
Katya founded Herban Wellness in downtown Kirkland, Washington in 2009 with the intention of creating a space where people can purchase high quality herbs and herbal products and experience a true herbal apothecary or “natural pharmacy.” Herbalism and the practice of using whole foods grown in an organic, sustainable manner came naturally to her, as she grew up on a cattle ranch in western Montana where her parents grew the majority of their food. Her mother introduced her to herbal medicine, whole foods nutrition, and a deep love and respect for Nature and the Earth. The awareness of how our health is impacted by what we consume and our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, began as a teenager. This is when she had health issues arise that led to a significant dietary change and supplementation with herbs and other natural products that led to a dramatic improvement in her health and vitality. The study of herbal medicine as a health-care discipline felt like a natural move for Katya to make after some time in the world. So, after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Psychology in 2002, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University in June of 2007. She continued adding to her knowledge through internships and some clinical herbal training. Katya teaches classes through Herban Wellness on natural skincare, herbal medicine for prevention and health maintenance, as well as for addressing common health issues. She also speaks at various events around the area, has been interviewed on several holistic health radio shows, writes a monthly newsletter, and blogs regularly on herbs and health on the Herban Wellness website. She also does private consultations on herbal medicine for supporting individuals and their family’s health.

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